Chanel Preston tricks nerd Parker London into being her strapon bitchboy

Like most guys Parker wanted to be cool and get a hot girlfriend. But somehow he couldn’t manage it and ended up being a big nerd. He decided to try and get the help of the coolest chick he knew. Chanel Preston agreed to hear Parker out with the condition that he do whatever she commanded. Desperate to shake off the nerd curse Parker accepted.

Chanel sat on her throne listening to Parker and his nerdiness got under her skin. She couldn’t help herself and made fun of his funny clothes, taking off his Coke-bottle glasses and crushing them with her high heels. Parker’s meekness and passiveness excited Chanel and she pushed Parker further, getting him naked and making fun of his puny cock. She wrote “loser” on his body with her lipstick and made him lick the dirty soles of her shoes.

Parker bore Chanel’s abuse in silence, recognizing her as his superior. Chanel teased the bound Parker with her asshole, parading it before him and forcing him to beg for it and then smothering his face between her ass cheeks. Parker sucked Chanel’s strapon cock, gagging on it before Chanel used it to fuck his ass with it.

Chanel pounded the bound nerd’s ass mercilessly, his moans muffled by a ball-gag. The big breasted mistress racked her nails on Parker’s back, making his ass tighten around her strapon cock. The mistress finally used Parker as a living dildo, grinding her pussy on his cock until she came and to be discarded without a second thought like a dirty tissue. - Femdom TGP
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