Mistress Flower Tucci tests Jack Hammer’s endurance and ability to serve

Divine Bitches: Testing The Plebian

Jack Hammer wishes to be a Divine Bitches submissive. But entry is not that simple, Jack must first be tested to see if he has what it takes to be one. Flower Tucci will be the mistress that will ensure his qualifications, and she will not make it easy for him.

Helplessly bound to a chair, Jack is teased by the latex-clad Tucci, who parades her curvy ass in front of him. The statuesque blonde whips Jack, the sound of the strikes reverberating through the room. Tucci binds Jack’s penis with a rope, jiggling his member like a puppet and mocking him. The mistress continues the testing by spitting on Jack, then masturbating in front of him until Flower squirts all over him.

The blonde sits on Jack’s face, smothering him with her big white ass. The mistress is pleased with Jack’s performance and allows him the honor of rimming her asshole. Flower squirts once again over Jack’s bound body, bathing him with her juices. Flower impales herself on Jack’s big dick, riding him until she once again squirts, but denies him the release of cumming.

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