Mona Wales uses her strapon to punish Nathan Explosion for his crude behaviour

Porn store clerk Mona Wales was bored to death with the hill-billy truckers that came in to gawk at the magazines and laugh at the sex toys. When Nathan came in and paid for the peep show Mona decided to follow him to make sure he didn’t break any of the house rules. Sure enough, Mona found Nathan stroking his cock out in the open, but then heard him complain about the fine femdom porn that was playing. It was time that this hill-billy learned some sophistication, and Mona would be the one imparting the lesson with her strapon cock.

Mona changed into a skin-tight latex dress and confronted Nathan, bringing him back to her private lair to start his femdom education. She threw him around like a rag-doll, pulling him across the floor by his hair and teasing him mercilessly, finger-fucking his ass and rubbing her pussy over his cock. Nathan accepts his role and Mona’s commands as she ties him up and pegs him with her strapon, giving him a reach-around until he shoots his load. - Femdom TGP
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