Moxxie Maddron learns about lesbian anal submission from Claire Adams

Mistress Claire Adams has a new pupil. Moxxie Maddron is about to learn the ins and outs of anal submission under Claire’s tutelage. Wearing skin-tight latex, the ladies embark on their anal voyage of discovery.

Moxxie is bound, bent over a metal stand, her arms and legs immobilized by ropes. A stainless steel anal hook is firmly inserted in Moxxie’s ass. The bespectacled mistress whips Moxxie, rendering Moxxie’s behind red and hyper-sensitive. Claire uses her fingers and a dildo to stretch Moxxie’s rectum, making the bound Moxxie whimper and moan helplessly.

Once Moxxie’s sphincter is ready the mistress fists Moxxie anally, inserting her whole hand up to the wrist. Moxxie is overcome with the sensation, her body shaking as wave after wave of anal orgasms overcome her. - Femdom TGP
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